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To be very successful very quickly, especially in regard to sex. The phrase usually refers to Errol Flynn, an Australian-born actor who was famous for his life of excess, and was acquitted of statutory rape charges.
-What happened with that girl yesterday?
-I'm in like flynn!
by Ben March 13, 2004
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Generally, to be quickly or especially successful, often when referring to seduction or other sexual adventures. Traditionally said to refer to classic film star and notorious womanizer Errol Flynn, though that isn't definitive.
Relax. You're there. She's practically eating out of your hand. Just buy her another drink and you'll be in like Flynn.
by Flinder March 17, 2004
To succeed in attaining a goal, especially in the sexual sense and for a man.

Refers to Errol Flynn the actor, noted for his large number of successful pursuits of women and girls.
"This test is easy, I'll be in like Flynn!"

"Sally invited me to her place now her folks are out of town! In like Flynn, I think. . . "
by D F Stuckey March 11, 2004
In the original Tron movie, Kevin Flynn, a talented computer programmer, was transported to the Game Grid by an experimental laser in development by ENCOM, the company that fired Flynn and stole his code.

The phrase In Like Flynn can be a reference to Tron and means having access to or completing your goal.
I was locked out but now I'm in Like Flynn.

I finished my paper, now I'm in Like Flynn.
by geekjargon August 02, 2012
Used to project acceptance to an event or party.
"Dude - I bribed the bouncer with some killer nugs!"

"We're In Like Flynn!"
by KBah March 11, 2004
It’s suggested by some writers that the phrase really originated with another Flynn, Edward J Flynn—“Boss” Flynn—a campaign manager for the Democratic party during FDR’s presidency. Flynn’s machine in the South Bronx in New York was so successful at winning elections that his candidates seemed to get into office automatically.
in like Flynn was shortened to I’m Flynn, meaning “I’m in”.
by canuckbabe August 16, 2006
an antiquated way of saying in there like swimwear meaning a sure thing; goal attainment is assured; prospects are brilliant
"Sally invited me to her place while her folks are out of town! I'm in like Flynn!"

"Dude, with cheezy cliches like that, she may kick you out like last weeks garbage."
by mandingoe June 15, 2004

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