People who drive them get SUPRA on their jerseys and will get laughed at when they rap it round a pole and end up with a Volvo. Why not save yourself the hassle and get Volvo on your back.
They look better in any colour other than black.
by C'mon Kenny March 12, 2003
The Supra is yet another product from Japan's Toyota. Toyota also produces the Prius, Corolla, and Celica. None of which have more than 180 horsepower. The Supra was made popular by the movie, The Fast And The Furious, and the video game, Gran Turismo 3. Very few people would know what a Supra is, other than a condom made by Trojan, if not for those two infulences. The Supra is likely one of the most over rated cars ever. Second only to the Nissan Skyline.
y0!!!1 My SuPrA b3 mAd f4sT!!!1 i DiD g3t 0wn3d bY a 1971 BOSS MUSTANG 428 tHoUgH, w1tH iTz oLd dInOsAuR v8...
by Bitchin Kitchen November 08, 2003
Most overrated japanese import car, capable of producing more than 1000 hp on a stock block but the powerband is useless. only good as dyno queens or used by fags on highway racing,
John: Wow look that supra made 1000 hp @ 8000 rpm that's really useable power look at that graph!!

Me: yea look at that 7000 rpms worth of turbo lag, Ferrari and Porsche > supra
Z06 > supra. anything > then overrated supra
by Supra February 02, 2005
peice of wog box shit, wouldent even pull 200 HP if lucky, stock standard supercharged vt commodore would kill any shitty supra
dick head:oh mate my fully sick supra would kill a shelby GT500 yuleh
me: yeah sure fuck head
by fuck skylines May 24, 2006
A Jap rice car that can rarely keep up with american muscle cars. Never will be allowed in any club containing a Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Nova, or Firebird.
Kid-----what was that?
dad-----that was a car that couldn't keep up with my stang.
what piece of shit.
by TJ January 17, 2005

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