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A word depicting an alpha-male, or someone possessing strong, superhuman or powerful qualities. Often used to describe a person displaying other notable characteristics including bravery, perseverance, determination or good leadership skills.

The word is pronounced {Sup-Rah}. Rather than the more widespread association of {Soup-Rah} used for the Toyota motor company. It is most commonly attributed to British slang; originating in Scottish suburbs the term has become widespread in Scottish schools but, for the most part, has not branched out to international countries.
Example 1.

Girl: "Did you see Tom; leaped over that pile of dog-muck like a total supra".

Example 2.

Boy: "That paint-ball match was intense, and the guy in first place was on fire; using his body like a tank to charge through our defenses. Oblivious to the pain and sting of the direct-shots. What a supra!".

Example 3.

Boy: "Seriously? Teacher... these questions are too difficult. I'm no supra: I can't even figure out the first one about quadratic equations".
by d3v0ur April 08, 2011

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