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Made in 4 generations, a 5th rumoured for 2007. Most popular is the MKIV, with which production stopped in 02. The turbo generates 326bhp stock, and will run the 400m (1/4 mile) in 13.6 seconds. Extremely underrated, the only car that can handle 900bhp on a stock block, the 2JZ GTE engine still remains one of the greatest of all time. People like to think that 'theres no replacement for displacement', the Supra disproved this theory. Despite not being the fastest stock, the money saved on not buying that crappy vette will tune the Supra up to ridiculous power, and it will then destroy everything in the 1320.
Supra > Everything else

A hennessey viper? Is that what I just boosted past?
by TO4R.com July 21, 2004
Actually stands for 'Rotary Xecret 7' (Dont ask me why they chose 'X' instead of 'S', because I dont know, or care.) 3rd generation models are the most popular, and aside from certain models (type r, rz, r bathurst) they came with 260bhp stock on the 13B REW engine. The other models all came with 280bhp, revised suspension, and the rz's all came in pearl white mica with red recaro trim interior. An extremely capable sports car, it is one of the greatest automotive inventions ever. For a car which is a 1.3 (although to compare it to other cars its a 2.6), its potential is amazing. Only does 12mpg, but until you have to refuel, or your apex seals blow, it will quite happily whip the living shit out of most cars on the road.
''Did you see that V8 turd get its ass handed to it by that 7?''

''Who you calling a wankle?''
by TO4R.com July 22, 2004
Namely TVR, seeing as the rest of the world has bought our beloved motor industry, it being the greatest in the world. Despite their reputation for uneconomical sports cars which are a touch unreliable, they produced the cerbera speed 12, capable of 240mph. I believe that rapes everything American, and anything french.
''Oh hell no son, my dinosaur V8 was ripped to pieces by that Silver flash that went by, it must have been a TVR''

''Ve are ze french, ve vill stick to our renault 5, no? va va voom thierry henry you talentless git''
by TO4R.com July 21, 2004

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