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when playing monopoly, if one player has most of the properties of one color and another player buys the remaining one it is "stock blocking"
player 1 has all but one of the reds
player 2 lands on the last one and buys it

player 1- dude...
player 2- what?
player 1- way to stock block
by raydogg711 May 01, 2010
Origin: 'cockblock'

1. When a competing brand's creative agency publishes a stock photograph before your creative agency's work goes to press.

2. When a creative/designer finds it difficult or impossible to find the right stock photograph for his/her job using the search tools on a stock image library.
1. "We had this great picture of a guy sneezing on a bus we were going to use for our campaign, but (competing brand)'s guys stockblocked us and it's all over the city already. I think we're going to have to rethink the creative now".

2. "I can't find a picture of a businesswoman jumping through a series of hoops that symbolizes the way her boss has her, well, jumping through hoops. I'm totally stockblocked.
by imadesigner March 03, 2010
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