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A girl so nasty that she could only be a stripper on Sunday mornings when the strip clubs are empty.
Hey girl, did you see Ashley last night?

Sure did...she looked like a Sunday Morning.


Damn! Your funky ass look like a Sunday Morning.
by TeamHellCat September 04, 2012
Any morning when one finds themselves coming down from a trip.

This definition comes from the phrase coined by Hunter S Thompson, "Every day is Saturday Night, Every morning, Sunday Morning".

This phrase also appears on the Ladytron song "the Weekend" and is referenced in several other songs by the same band.

See also
psychedelic hangover
Angie is falling asleep during first period on a Monday
Steve asks, "What's up with You?"
Angie replies, without lifting her head from the table, "Shut up, It's Sunday morning ><'."
by TheArchitect'sWordAdder March 27, 2009
Having sex in the morning. it does not have to be sunday however. If you sunday morning on a sunday morning you do however get extra points.
Yo i tried to sunday morning with that bitch but she wasnt down.
by lynch's brain August 23, 2008
a very, very easy girl that gets around.
she's easy like sunday morning
by nittomr2 May 21, 2008
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