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The inability to properly perform cunnilingus (go down on a chick) due to extreme dryness. Often occurs when the female is extremely intoxicated, or by chance is dehydrated from anorexia/bulemia. The name is acquired from the girl's crotch strong resemblence to a sun-dried tomatoe from the Olive Garden. Can be abbreviated to 'Tomatoe,' if both parties know what the abbreviation implies. Also can become the guilty girl's new pet nickname.
{Lunch the morning after a party} "So, did you get anything out of her?" "Shit, all I got was a fucking Sun-Dried Tomatoe."
by Pize October 15, 2004
Usually found in the over 40's woman who has spent way too much time sunbathing nude and or pole dancing. Their vj or vagina as it is commonly called becomes old and resembles that of the sun dried tomato.
Man I love to fuck an older woman's sun dried tomato

Did you see the old vagina on that woman? Oh that thing, it's just her sun dried tomato
by Milo43 September 12, 2010
dried vagina that gives the impression of sun dried fruit.
Did you see that sun dried tomato on hope solo?
by Inspectoruno August 05, 2015
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