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The inability to properly perform cunnilingus (go down on a chick) due to extreme dryness. Often occurs when the female is extremely intoxicated, or by chance is dehydrated from anorexia/bulemia. The name is acquired from the girl's crotch strong resemblence to a sun-dried tomatoe from the Olive Garden. Can be abbreviated to 'Tomatoe,' if both parties know what the abbreviation implies. Also can become the guilty girl's new pet nickname.
{Lunch the morning after a party} "So, did you get anything out of her?" "Shit, all I got was a fucking Sun-Dried Tomatoe."
by Pize October 15, 2004
When a broad is so repulsive and so ghastly as to appear to the viewer as a Dog Faced Gremlin. This is especially true if she drives a Dodge Neon. Commonly abbreviated using its acronym, D.F.G.
After throwing up in an Osborne's parking lot "Hey dude, did you drink too much tonight?" "Nah man, I just caught a glimpse of the DFG!"
by Pize October 13, 2004
The process of sitting on the couch and managing to cross one's legs just so, so that one's flacid penis effortlessly dangles from the bottom of one's shorts, all the while entertaining one's high school aged son's friends after dinner. Naturally, one of the friends catches a glimpse, and proclaims Yo Sr. to have been "Releasing the Stub." Not to be overused.
{In a hysterical laughter at an after-party} "Well, you never release the stub Raag. It ain't genetical."
by Pize October 13, 2004
Extremely volatile word stemming from the demented regions of Raag's mind. Used in the most heated of arguments, or also when one climaxes and aims to completely freak out his partner. (Note: This word has proven ineffective in courting a bird)
{As you climax} "Oh RAPESHIT! RAPESHIT! RAPESHIT!" {Gasp... Slap}
by Pize October 13, 2004
The atrocious act of buying a Citrus Gatorade from a convenience store, most notably Allsups, and proceeding to chug the Gatorade. Subsequently, one fills the emptied bottle up with his urine. This may take multiple urinations, depending on the size of the container. One is encouraged to drink a lot of soda and generally unhealthy products to produce a highlighter yellow color of piss. Once filled with this 'high-lighter' pee, screw the lid back on, walk into the same store (with bottle in hand), go to the Gatorade area in the drinks section and act as if you are deciding on which color to buy. Slyly place the pee bottle on the rack and walk out. Eventually, someone will buy it, and potentially drink your piss, which they in turn actually paid for.

Also, can be applicable to the act of peeing in your mother's iced-tea while she is in the bathroom, and then keeping a straight face when you watch her quench her thirst with your excrement.
{While sitting outside the store, watching to see if anyone buys the bottle} "Dude! Dude! This chick just took a swig of Pize-Ade!!!"
by Pize October 19, 2004
The Holy Grail. When, through speech, bodily movements, or other indescribable means, one is so vividly amazing as to make married women lust after him, and induces a bow from Jesus himself.

Also commonly associated with a bird-like squak which doubles as a magnet of coolness.
{After someone not-in-the-know inquires as to what all the commotion is over, and why all the girls are trying to hook-up with Pize, and why the universe's levels of coolness suddenly rose} "Okay, dude, where have you been? Did you not just see him Pize Out?"
by Pize October 15, 2004
When the act of speeking more closely resembles the the Grim Reaper singing your death chant.
{Hollering upstairs in a voice of doom} "Jonpaul!"
by Pize October 13, 2004

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