The name summer means a girl who is young sexy espically funny and also strong but very horny aswell she is a fun type of person and is very unique unlike other woman and girls , she also has a lovely personality and she is also a sex freak too she likes to party and have fun alot
by shannon129G April 08, 2013
The season when your electronics fry.
"I love summer, but my computer always overheats"
by Angry_Sandwitch May 31, 2015
The most amazing time of year. That time where there's not a worry in the world. A time where you can lay outside and watch the stars shine. Hearing the crickets give you goosebumps. Staying up all night. A time of year where you can go to the beach. Meet new people. Summer time is the best time to fall in love. Summer is where you can spend all your days and nights with him. You can wear shorts, and sandals. You can just lay there, in the grass and think about how perfect life is. Your hair gets lighter. And your skin gets darker. Days get longer, drinks get colder. You can listen to country music while feeling a cool breeze. A time where you can just stand on the beach, in the middle of the night. Feel the sand go between your toes. Or when the sun is staring to set, run up to him and jump in his arms. Summer is when school us out, and you can finally live your life. Summer is... Absolutely amazing.
Summer is finally here! Time to live my life the way it should be lived.
by Karly_logan January 21, 2013
look up summer in a dictionary and you'll see a picture of brooke,and if you don't your dictionary is broken.
by glowed October 08, 2011
Most likely, everyones favorite season who is between the ages of 6 and 22, due to being out of school, or at least only going for a few hours a day. In the summer, ine can work and earn extra money. swim, be with friends, or simply relax. Bright, energizing colors are assosciated with summer. The best part, being near any form of water on a hot, summers day.
Girl 1: "Hey. anyone want to go to the beach?"

Guy 1: "Its 108 degrees outside, heck yeah!"

Both: "Let's go to the beach and celebrate summer!"
by GreekorLatin March 18, 2013
The right to be lazy,without anybody bothering you. Also any excuse for anything. Gives you any right to do anything fun and do nothing productive. Just to have fun in anyway shape or form.
Hey can you take out the trash nah it's summer. I don't have to do anything that i don't want to do. Hey why are you so lazy it's SUMMER. The perfect excuse for everything. to relax and be free to what you do.
by TheLAXer23 June 12, 2012
A time to FSU.
Rick: Hey Its summer!
Joan: I know im so excited!
by Nickissohot. June 03, 2011

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