Most likely, everyones favorite season who is between the ages of 6 and 22, due to being out of school, or at least only going for a few hours a day. In the summer, ine can work and earn extra money. swim, be with friends, or simply relax. Bright, energizing colors are assosciated with summer. The best part, being near any form of water on a hot, summers day.
Girl 1: "Hey. anyone want to go to the beach?"

Guy 1: "Its 108 degrees outside, heck yeah!"

Both: "Let's go to the beach and celebrate summer!"
by GreekorLatin March 18, 2013
The right to be lazy,without anybody bothering you. Also any excuse for anything. Gives you any right to do anything fun and do nothing productive. Just to have fun in anyway shape or form.
Hey can you take out the trash nah it's summer. I don't have to do anything that i don't want to do. Hey why are you so lazy it's SUMMER. The perfect excuse for everything. to relax and be free to what you do.
by TheLAXer23 June 12, 2012
A ghetto black girl with no friends who wants to be a white girl.
"I wish I was like Grace or Savannah, but I'm more of a Summer."
by grdgfgtytgf January 12, 2015
A girl who is straight forward, and sometimes comes off as a bitch because she don't take no shit but you love her anyway because she always has your back! She's pretty, fun, and easy to talk to! Her friends would probably say she's an faget but in the sweetest way possible.
Everyone: "Someone please tell this whore to shut up!"

Summer - "Shut up you whore!"
by ambossassbitch January 16, 2014
The name summer means a girl who is young sexy espically funny and also strong but very horny aswell she is a fun type of person and is very unique unlike other woman and girls , she also has a lovely personality and she is also a sex freak too she likes to party and have fun alot
by shannon129G April 08, 2013
addicted to fishoil, lover of hung men.
Summers poppin dat fishoil
by rexeagvd September 19, 2013
A word used for everything cool and great. Used in place of normal phrases as a way to say something is cool
Hey did you see that new horror flick?

Oh yeah it was so summer, I could summer it again!!!
by pfctjoy November 04, 2011

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