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The 91.3141 days (3 months) immediately succeding the ineludible, first annual public airing of Will Smith's 'Summertime'.
Mr 1: 'Was that the 1991 Grammy Award winning, chart topping Hip-Hop/R&B single Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince I just overheard on the radio?'

Mr 2: 'Yes it was.'

Mr 1: 'Oh, it must officially be summer.'
by The bothman March 09, 2010
a term used to define an action or place for the summer season.
So, where do you summer?
by lyman March 14, 2005
(n), (adj)

Summer- a curvy brunette who loves to read. Her intellectual superiority will have you feeling intimidated and sometimes, dumb as shit. Summers normally have hazel or green eyes. Has the most beautiful hair. Summers usually draw attention of black men or WoW nerds. She is INCREDIBLE in bed. We aren't talking your typical ol good lay, we're talking sun and earth shattering lay. She is so tight and clean and probably has huge tits. Sensitive, loves animals and nature, very passionate in what she believes in. Clingy once In a few relationships; but once she's over it, she's done.
Guy1: man, did you see summer?
Guy2: na dude, her internal light glowing from her beauty blinded me.
Guy1: good thing I had shades on.
by Gordonkiy July 08, 2012
A hot girl that is fun, playful, and is awesome to be around. She takes others and cheers them up within seconds, and all the men fall for her. She is that girl at school that's the cutest one, or the hottie of class. The name is fabulous, explaining "hot", which shall explain anyone you run into with this name. She is also sweet, kind, and amazing.

She is a total sexy beast and everyone loves her.
Person 1: Man, I LOVE my girlfriend
Person 2: Really, what's her name?
Person 1: Summer
Person 2: That explains it.
by Ethan12 December 27, 2011
Summer is just one of those people who eats their toes and swipes the buttons off your shirts and pants. She is a most beauteous creature, a very rare breed if you manage to capture one do whatever you can to keep it in your clutches.
OH MY GOODNESS! I think I caught a Summer, awww she took my buttons.
by Leaphold Stotch June 15, 2011
Summer is a hot season or a beautiful girls name. Summer is loyal and strong and often known as a flower child who is not afraid to stand up and be different. She has strong moral beliefs and very artistically talented. She is a natural and true beauty, both inside and out. She’s wise with good judgment on people.
I wish Summer wasn’t so hot sometimes.
by australiangirl95 June 11, 2011
slut season
B: -quickly changes into the skimpiest bikini she can find-
by Kai Pham July 06, 2010