look up summer in a dictionary and you'll see a picture of brooke,and if you don't your dictionary is broken.
by glowed October 08, 2011
Sweet yet loud girl with no verbal filter system, often get overly excited with her body and verbal language. Loves fresh babies, telling same explanations over and over, and hanging with close friends. Very judgmental about blood family, but easily makes her own family with people of her choosing. Eats like a total pig and never works out, but stays skinny and sexy by taking a crazy amount of shits throughout the day, and can shit anywhere anytime using leaves if need be.
That girl keeps telling the same story and is eating all the freaking little debbie snacks, she is pulling a total Summer.
by MikeTheory August 31, 2008
Summer is a person that makes you smile everyday. She is nice, funny, and loveable. She id the best person you will ever meet. If you ever get a Summer, make sure you keep her.
"Omg she's so nice, she must be a Summer."
by Balakey Snub May 06, 2016
Most likely, everyones favorite season who is between the ages of 6 and 22, due to being out of school, or at least only going for a few hours a day. In the summer, ine can work and earn extra money. swim, be with friends, or simply relax. Bright, energizing colors are assosciated with summer. The best part, being near any form of water on a hot, summers day.
Girl 1: "Hey. anyone want to go to the beach?"

Guy 1: "Its 108 degrees outside, heck yeah!"

Both: "Let's go to the beach and celebrate summer!"
by GreekorLatin March 18, 2013
a cool person, usually a girl. she likes to wear ribbons in her hair (usually blue) shes calm but hyper and has a wondrful personality. she likes to name her animals jazzy. shes an awesome dude 300 for sure
"wow summer has a dog name jazzy! better than indigo..!!"
by shiznitOHYES!:{D December 25, 2011
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