a cool person, usually a girl. she likes to wear ribbons in her hair (usually blue) shes calm but hyper and has a wondrful personality. she likes to name her animals jazzy. shes an awesome dude 300 for sure
"wow summer has a dog name jazzy! better than indigo..!!"
by shiznitOHYES!:{D December 25, 2011
A word used for everything cool and great. Used in place of normal phrases as a way to say something is cool
Hey did you see that new horror flick?

Oh yeah it was so summer, I could summer it again!!!
by pfctjoy November 04, 2011
the time of the year when you get to...
sleep all day, go to the pool and get a REAL tan, oh and sit on your ass and do nothing whatsoever all day long.
Finally! It's summer!
by screw spring fever June 02, 2011
Sweet yet loud girl with no verbal filter system, often get overly excited with her body and verbal language. Loves fresh babies, telling same explanations over and over, and hanging with close friends. Very judgmental about blood family, but easily makes her own family with people of her choosing. Eats like a total pig and never works out, but stays skinny and sexy by taking a crazy amount of shits throughout the day, and can shit anywhere anytime using leaves if need be.
That girl keeps telling the same story and is eating all the freaking little debbie snacks, she is pulling a total Summer.
by MikeTheory August 31, 2008
Season in which girls allow boys to sexually take advantage of them.
The fine ladies of SRAEKME will do just about anything during summer
by Hemily37 June 15, 2008
A ghetto black girl with no friends who wants to be a white girl.
"I wish I was like Grace or Savannah, but I'm more of a Summer."
by grdgfgtytgf January 12, 2015
Summer is the BACK STABBING BITCH that know one likes. She will try to steal your boyfriends and your friends. She will talk so much SHIT about you that when you hear her talking about you and confront her about it later she will lie to you. She thinks that every one likes her and that everyone wants to be like her but, it isn't true. You may think you guys are good friends right now. But when she is with someone else she will be talking SHIT about you. She is the biggest SLUT ever! She most likely lost her virginity at the age of 11. She will spread her legs for EVERYONE and ANYONE and talk SHIT about ANYONE!
That bitch over there reminds me of Summer
by Tessa Cakes August 21, 2014

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