The kind of girl that you shouldn't mess with, she has blonde hair, and green eyes. She has about five main friends that always stand by her. She will do whatever it takes to get food, but never gains any weight. She has a fierce side and once you do something to her, she will never forget it. She is the oldest but shortest person you will ever meet.

She also has a wierd side to her, but once you get to know her she will open up to you. Athletic and quirky, Summer will make your day brighten when you see her.
Boy: did you see that girl walk by?
Friend: Yea definatly a summer
by Iwishihadherback March 07, 2013
1.The season after Spring and before Fall. Summer is warm, sunny and pretty much the BEST season ever.
2. The name of a pretty, smart, nice, friendly, clever, sneaky, stylin' and pretty much friggen awesome girl!
2. Wow, is that Summer? Totally jealous...
by pinkypuff22 January 30, 2011
6 weeks of liver bashing, music, gigging, partying, Pokemon, COD, BBQ's, friends, nice weather, and SUMMER. You are stoked as fuck.
Guy 1 : Dude when do we break up for summer?

Guy 2: We break up for summer TOMORROW dude, I'm stoked as fuck!
by Klungeking July 19, 2010
does not take shit from no one. and she is a great friend. shes very stubborn but worth it. summer is a beautiful , sexy girl that no one should let go of she is mean some times only because she knows how people really are
man shes you should really stay with that shes a summer
by joey fifer October 13, 2013
A nice girl with lots of friends. She can be nice when the wants to be and mean when she has to be. A summer is a cool girl that can be a really cool girl one you get to know a summer
That girl is so a summer
by sammy101 December 22, 2012
look up summer in a dictionary and you'll see a picture of brooke,and if you don't your dictionary is broken.
by glowed October 08, 2011
The most amazing time of year. That time where there's not a worry in the world. A time where you can lay outside and watch the stars shine. Hearing the crickets give you goosebumps. Staying up all night. A time of year where you can go to the beach. Meet new people. Summer time is the best time to fall in love. Summer is where you can spend all your days and nights with him. You can wear shorts, and sandals. You can just lay there, in the grass and think about how perfect life is. Your hair gets lighter. And your skin gets darker. Days get longer, drinks get colder. You can listen to country music while feeling a cool breeze. A time where you can just stand on the beach, in the middle of the night. Feel the sand go between your toes. Or when the sun is staring to set, run up to him and jump in his arms. Summer is when school us out, and you can finally live your life. Summer is... Absolutely amazing.
Summer is finally here! Time to live my life the way it should be lived.
by Karly_logan January 21, 2013

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