slut season
B: -quickly changes into the skimpiest bikini she can find-
by Kai Pham July 06, 2010
A nice girl with lots of friends. She can be nice when the wants to be and mean when she has to be. A summer is a cool girl that can be a really cool girl one you get to know a summer
That girl is so a summer
by sammy101 December 22, 2012
1.The season after Spring and before Fall. Summer is warm, sunny and pretty much the BEST season ever.
2. The name of a pretty, smart, nice, friendly, clever, sneaky, stylin' and pretty much friggen awesome girl!
2. Wow, is that Summer? Totally jealous...
by pinkypuff22 January 30, 2011
does not take shit from no one. and she is a great friend. shes very stubborn but worth it. summer is a beautiful , sexy girl that no one should let go of she is mean some times only because she knows how people really are
man shes you should really stay with that shes a summer
by joey fifer October 13, 2013
6 weeks of liver bashing, music, gigging, partying, Pokemon, COD, BBQ's, friends, nice weather, and SUMMER. You are stoked as fuck.
Guy 1 : Dude when do we break up for summer?

Guy 2: We break up for summer TOMORROW dude, I'm stoked as fuck!
by Klungeking July 19, 2010
Word meaning girl that lives to have fun, especially in bed
She is a real summer when it comes to the bed.
by George129536478 March 19, 2015
A girl who is straight forward, and sometimes comes off as a bitch because she don't take no shit but you love her anyway because she always has your back! She's pretty, fun, and easy to talk to! Her friends would probably say she's an faget but in the sweetest way possible.
Everyone: "Someone please tell this whore to shut up!"

Summer - "Shut up you whore!"
by ambossassbitch January 16, 2014

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