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The point of deep depression from something that upsets you to the state of tears. This word originated from the Bahamas and was inforced by the Skype application users. Hence "Sudge Lords". Sudge can be used in different forms such as; Sudging, Sudger, Sudge Muffin.
(1)Dawg, this girl gat me sudging after she told me she didnt want to suck my dick.
(2)I'm in a deep sudge after she told me she didnt want me.
(3)I made this bitch sudge hard after I told her about her ass.
by TrillaDunna November 21, 2009
A gooey, sometimes slimy, and often chunky substance, resembling a well blended potato soup. Sometimes used as an action. Often used in the presence of other words such as "slug," "crust," or "crudge." Not to be confused with sludge.
1. "Ewww, looks like a big ol' pile of sudge."

2. "Teach me how to Sudgey."
by Sudgeman December 24, 2010
Literally to suck on fudge. Usually used as a less vulgar word for suck.
"You sudge," Davey said to Boochie.
"Hrey!" he replied, "No you're a boochie!"
by rko June 11, 2006
Literally to suck on fudge. Used as a less vulgar term for the word suck.
1. "You sudge" boochie said.
"no you're a boochie!"

2. Helena gave her son a small piece of peanut butter fudge so that she could do some errands while he was sudging all afternoon.
by rko June 04, 2006
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