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10 definitions by rko

the name given to people who by instinct look like froosim.
"look at BZ," i said.
"what a froos!"
by rko August 17, 2006
a word used by people, usually from plugat froos, in times of extreme happiness and/or confusion.
Yay, I just ollied, weeeooo!
by rko August 21, 2006
The fear of being offered drugs by an underaged child while in the midst of a friendly game of cranium.
Ekim's craniackophobia acted up when he was playing an online game of cranium and he received a pop-up survey asking whether or not, in his opinion marijuana should be legalized.
by rko May 25, 2006
to weave strings of spaghetti in attempt to create a piece of clothing, decoration, or simply just a knot of spaghetti.
Favio sat at the kitchen table attempting to noodlebib a scarf, but he was just not good enough of a noodlebibber.
by rko May 18, 2006
Literally meaning "pancakes" or "nerds." Can be used, however, to express any emotions.
"Laflefim!" he proclaimed in a monotone voice, "Bwa ha ha."
by rko May 25, 2006
used to goofily greet others.
by rko August 29, 2006
Literally to suck on fudge. Usually used as a less vulgar word for suck.
"You sudge," Davey said to Boochie.
"Hrey!" he replied, "No you're a boochie!"
by rko June 11, 2006