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The kind of place where disgruntled teens go on killing sprees with hopes that prison will at least be more interesting. Every house is nice, moderately priced, and identical every other house in it's subdivision. Appopriately enough, the average suburban household owns a Suburban (so that the soccer team can be carpooled back to their tract housing without having to remove the Abercrombie bags from the cargo area).
I live in such suburbia that if it werent for the flowers our landscaper planted, I probably wouldnt be able to tell which house I lived in and which belonged to the neighbors.
by lacoste_lover October 11, 2005
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1. The residence of Jesus in Green Day's infamously long song, "Jesus of Suburbia."

2. A great place to raise a White, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon family with an older brother, a younger sister, a dog, and two happily married heterosexual parents.

3. A terrible place to raise a family that does not fit the description in #2.
Jesus of Suburbia can be worshipped from 9-11 am each Sunday. May god bless us all with $400,000 bonuses!
by ANAANAANA February 02, 2011
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the future slums of america where all the teenagers will either grow stupid and procreate more idiots or they will turn to violence and vandalism after years of boredom.
the weight of suburbia over much of central florida will eventually cause it to sink into the ocean
by narcaleptic buble January 05, 2004
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The greatest mis-allocation of resources ever seen in the entire human history on planet earth.

Also known as: drive in utopia, land of mandatory motoring, national automobile slum, United Parking Lot of America (UPL), or better yet, hell on earth.
Honey, the amount of minorities infiltrating our city has become unbearable. Let's move to suburbia where we can life a live of mindless middle-class American conformity and robotic consumerism. We'll have adorable little children that will contribute to speeding up the destruction of planet earth.
by demonik April 01, 2008
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a place that is mostly white, on the out skirts of a big or medium city. what ever blacks are extremely white washed. most families seem perfect, with nice cars, yards, and houses, but are just in denial. they hav just as many problems as the rest of us, but are psychotic about keeping up appearances. people who are even remotly different in appearance or nature stick out like sore thumbs.
"thank bob i dont live in white wash suburbia"

artgeek-when ever i visit family in the suburbs, the neighbors always stare at me! its like theyve never seen a girl with purple hair before!
by Fizzi December 05, 2008
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Suburbia is a melting pot of teenage subcultures whose differences vary from little to big, but all share two basic things: rebellion and drugs. No matter how different one subculture might be from another, they can always be brought together by these two things.

For adults in suburbia, it is where they all try to act like they're perfect, but are all secretly sleeping with each other's spouses. They are also known to use their kids to compete with each other. Such as, whoever's kid plays the most sport and gets the better grades is the best kid. Sounds like nothing, but this is very revered by parents in suburbia.
Suburbian #1: Dude, I hate suburbia. It's full of all these idiot fuckwads who just do drugs and waste their lives away.

Suburbian #2: Yeah, definitely...wanna go drop some acid, then vandalize some shit?

Suburbian #1: Definitely dude.
by Pseudonymerific April 14, 2010
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The biggest waste of land on Earth. Low density residential areas, zoned so that the only way you can get to a commercial area is by motor vehicle. Also zoned so that the only direction the house can be added onto is towards the back (never mind the fact that most suburban houses sit far from the street.) The back yard is often devoted to a swimming pool, dog run, deck, patio, football field, baseball diamond, or other means of degrading the land's productivity.
Usually covered in ranch houses, many built on concrete slabs (permanently rendering the land they sit on useless) and almost always landscaped using the builder's special, the adjoining wooded areas have often been removed after bored teenagers get caught going there to drink beer and smoke pot. Strip malls are the most common commercial establishments, followed by big box retailers such as Wal-Mart and then mega malls.
Suburbia can be located within a central city (depending on what is encompased within it's boundaries) or some other part of a metropolitan area.
I cant wait till the oil crash
suburbia will be seen as the sorry mistake it's always been.
Most of the ranch houses and patio homes will be reused as livestock pens.
by MiskatonicJack2 March 27, 2007
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