UK Top 10 song (#8) in 1986 by the Pet Shop Boys from the album "Please". Song & video inspired by the film of the same name by Penelope Spheris about disaffected, rioting youths. One of my fave PSB songs of all time.
Let's take a ride, run with the dogs tonight, in suburbia.

Suburbia, where the suburbs meet utopia.
by joannedj January 13, 2007
Where dreams go to die.
The Rise and Fall of Suburbia in 2 Sentences -

Earth's suburbs are so large that I can see them from the moon said Papa Space Alien. It's too bad the humans will destroy their planet like we destroyed ours at the rate they're building those things now said Space Alien Jr.
by Octo Kitten May 30, 2013
A word often referred to in punk rock music by such bands as Green Day and Something Corporate. An area of sub-par living accomodations run by idiots and morons.
Away with these nightmares,
Away with suburbia.
Shake down away.
You marry a role and
You give up your soul til you break down.
by Hurtzy45 February 05, 2005

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