- A person or action that messes up or sucks.
Dudee. He's Stykein'
by M.I.A.-Montserrat,Ileen, Alina January 17, 2011
Top Definition
word used, in place of money or type of currensy... Especially when talking about gambling, betting/ and or illegal activities
Are you trying to play for alcohol styke?

You can't get in without styke.

where is my styke?
by er7trey October 29, 2011
Slang term for the people of Sweeden. But it most commonly references anyone who resembles Northern Europeans: blond hair, blue eyed, tall, pasty skin. They have been known to eat babies whole and horde the souls of millions with the alien vessels they call their heads. If you see one don't talk to it, and if you can avoid police complication stab it in their third eye, located at the base of their skull.
Look at all those stykes on the cheerleading squad.
Stop acting like a styke and come get a drink with us.
He totally styked out on me and forgot to bring the casserole.
by Sheriff Erin November 22, 2006
a person of Swedish descent with a third eye in the back of their head and tends to suck souls.
Dang Vonnie, with your blond hair I thought you would be a styke because you are killing all the vibe in the room.
by andytom November 23, 2007
styke: to obsessively web talk someone for any general purpose, because you are a.) a creeper, b.) trying to get with them, c.) you are a tech-whore that happens to have an addiction to these things

1."he's so beautiful, i want to styke him and see if he's single!!"

2."fred is such a creeper, he's been styking the hell out of me!"

3."she totally stykes him, she's so lame"
by Anjalita April 17, 2009
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