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A clueless whore that has no comprehension of how her actions affect others.
Stefanie is one stupid cunt; fuckin her friends man while she's having family problems and being a fake.
by colorectalcancer September 14, 2006
A dumb founded girl.
Jessi is a stupid cunt
by A.C. October 12, 2004
A retarded bitch that never learns from her actions, and continues to be a clueless whore.
"Why is Lexi such a stupid cunt ?"

"Because she thinks she's better than everybody, and thinks she can just do what ever she wants to do...."
by Bg518 October 28, 2015
An insult, usually applied to female that is unbelievably stupid, or to demonstrate your power over her, or without any purpose if you just want to make someone feel bad.
you stupidcunt bitches get off my butt, this time i mean it.
by GutParasite May 17, 2008
You're all wrong. This is not an insult intended for a woman. Stupid Cunt is intended for a male who is worse than a woman. "You stupid cunt" reflects the idiocy of one of your boys. This originates in the UK.
You Stupid Cunt, you never should have fucked your bosses wife.
by muddyhalo May 24, 2016
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