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2 definitions by muddyhalo

Falling on the floor, laughing my dick off. When you laugh so hard, your dick actually falls off, foreskin and all...
news: paula abdul just got busted sucking a contestant's dick? do blowjobs count for statutory rape?

viewer: foflmdo
by muddyhalo July 21, 2011
Retard Laughing Out Loud. Sure, everyone thinks that the rlol is for something a little bit more exciting than the normal boring LOL, but in actuality, rlol is what retards laugh at, if you wanna be more creative then use something like fmgwac or roflmdo. rlol is for retards that think they're adding some flavor to a tired acronym. retard!!!
gal: my boyfriend so likes to rape me!!!

retard: RLOL!!!
by muddyhalo July 21, 2011