The only way to define stuey is with this rhyme. "What ryhmes with gooey and also with rags but don't call him gay or he will kick all our bags"
You going off stuey??
Ahh fuck off you junkies
by Chronz August 08, 2004
Top Definition
Another word used in the Bay Area, California meaning "stupid", "live" or "hyphy". This word was coined in a chorus of a song called "Stuey" by The Pack. This word is used, but not commonly said in the clubs of the Bay Area of California.
All my niggas in the club, get Stuey
All my bitches in the club, pop booty...
by jontaylors#1fan! December 22, 2009
The most amazing guy in the word. He couldn't be more to me than he already is.
Im In Love.
Forever baby <3
Stuey is my boyfriend :
by Someone Special [: September 26, 2008
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