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A name for amazingly cool freshman, who happen to be varsity wrestlers.
Timothy got his letterman jacket for the 103 weight class and was almost GQ...damn what a stud muffin
by Carl Jones0000 June 01, 2010
a studley muffin or refering to a person
thats a studmuffin
by isastudley February 09, 2010
stud muffins are very cute men usually they have hairy chests and lots of muscles.
prince harry, harry kewell, tom cruise are all stud muffins
by philpots June 25, 2006
An attractive male who has let himself go and has gained a "muffin top".
Alex: I need to lose weight.
Joey: Yeah, you're such a studmuffin.
by HotPocketLover February 17, 2011
A man or a woman who is a sexy Muffin
"Yo, that is one hot stud muffin over there."
by Nicoley13 January 20, 2009
What uber-queeny guys, usually in their 40's would call any breathing guy in their 20's
Jared is not a twink, he's a stud- muffin!
by james atlas February 21, 2005
One who cause endorphins in the females brain which caues wet underware,orgasm juice spuhting down legs,horny,sexual tension,weakness of kness.It is brought on by a extremely rare elite class of male.JUST the presence,voice,mention,thought name of DARRELL THE STUD MUFFIN.
Girl that stud muffin makes me so horny.
by DARRELL THE STUD MUFFIN October 15, 2006