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A semi- erect penis often achieved through excessive grinding on females.
"Damn, that rudeboi had a raging clift as he was rubbin on me!"
by elly1616161 January 10, 2008
Company buffoon, nearly always bearing the surname "Clift".

Clift cannot carry out the simplest of given tasks without either falling over and hurting himself, getting the job wrong and having a tantrum, or causing chaos or mayhem to others and the surrounding area. Then blaming everybody but himself for the resulting carnage. Also been known to bring down satellites and passing aircraft if he touches any I.T. equipment.
"Right, is that order ready for dispatch? It`s a big order, worth millions of pounds".
" No. It`s on fire. There`s blood everywhere and a rhinoceros is trapped in the vending machine".

"Who`s on dispatch???!!!"
by Clothears December 19, 2013
The term used for the clitoris of a woman who has a gaping, deep vagina. The clitoris of such a woman appears as the top of a cliff overhanging a canyon.
Rj: "Dude, did you finally get to sleep with Shirley?"

John: "Yeah, bitch was loose, though, I fell off of her clift."

Rj: "Ha! I knew that bitch was a canyon-cunt!"
by FloodianRJ27 March 28, 2012
A real eejit. A person of below average intellect.
The clift got her up the duff.
How would that clift pass an exam?
by Mick April 18, 2005
Beyond drunk, but before passed out.
Phil set out to get clift, so he started by drinking a bottle of Jack.
by Captain WF November 09, 2007
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