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This was actually coined in 1985 in Long Beach, California. It is actually the opposite of what most people think it is. It's more like muffin-top over your pants than a guy who is hot. It's a burn, not praise. It somehow got bastardized when it went viral.
yeah, douchbag you're a real stud muffin.
by ogtheog May 27, 2011
Although usually used to refer to a very sexy heterosexual male , it can be applied sarcastically to a man who is acting an ass or being a bit dense.
OK studmuffin, how about you go play football outside the house before you break something.
by figginell December 30, 2012
One hell of a gorgeous man, yet with a sweet, soft, somewhat mushy personality; when appropriate.
"Let's go cruising for Studmuffins." The girls chimed in, when deciding what to do on a Friday night.

"Give me the phone, I'll just call 1-800-STUFMUFFIN", when Kim asked Allison, 'What men do we invite to the party?'
by Scooter McNuddy February 26, 2011
An very attractive guy who is also a bit of an airhead.
Joe is such a stud muffin. All my girlfriends think he's hot but can barely make toast without instructions.
by ubikk July 01, 2010
1. A very attractive male, usually named Emmanuel, that can bring all the girls to the yard--without milkshake. Also looks incredible while applying hair product.
2. A sweetheart with a personality so charming it will give you diabetes, but no one's complaining. In fact, girls flock to him like they flock to muffins, hence the origin of the term. See above.
"Wow, He's such a stud muffin...He must be named Emmanuel".
--"Naw, they call him Manny for short."
by G-loria August 02, 2009
someone who is very popular with the ladies, they are also classed as sexual.
hey sexy stodd, you're a stud muffin!
by loopyyy March 09, 2009
A stuf muffin is a guy who is sexually attractive.
Zac Efron and Pete Wentz are stud muffins.
by lezboly February 10, 2008