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A term used to describe a woman who sleeps with more that one man.
That woman you see across the lobby is a rumored to be a strumpet.
by KillerX415 November 18, 2009
a woman who unabashedly enjoys sexuality - both her own and that of others. She feels no shame about lust or enjoying her body to its fullest potential. She is a treasure.
Hannah is not offended by my lust for her; she is such a dear strumpet.
by wouldaben December 17, 2010
A younger group of girls (often referring to young high schoolers) that are constantly willing to bust down for older guys and are always frequenting older group's parties.
Those Sophomore strumpets thinks they're so cool for their holey jeans and for hooking up with those Senior guys.
by Huckleberry Finn Jr. November 09, 2007
Miller-lite in a can
We're out of strumpets already? But we got the 30-pack!
by JCKitten April 01, 2010
Another name for a streetwalker or prostitute.
I met a strumpet named Haden last night on the corner of allens lane.
by Grancy January 13, 2012
To play the furry banjo with hamster plectrum; to rub a pet rodent on a vagina
Hey, Rufus, why don't you get your little sister's hamster and you can strum-pet me?
by Sheepfish February 24, 2012
often used in Shakespearean English: a sort of rasberry Danish, similar to a crumpet; also someone who eats said pastry.
Thou foul strumpet! Thou hast not enough filling!
by PuckTheFairy March 12, 2011