the original emo kid, kari's bf..
cute little depressed guy
Awww.. strong sad, I'll be your friend
by *tweak* October 03, 2003
Gron Sad, aka The Wiggety Wiener, aka Strong Sad
"Is that you Julian Sands?"
by Piet Pompies May 11, 2004
1. One who is depressed that he is flying

2. One who is reminded of the time he/she ate chalk when he/she eats Necco Wafers
"I'm sad that I'm flying"
by Will May 29, 2004
strongbad's brother who is very sad most of the time (well... all the time). He also has a great memery of young strongbad.

(found at
strongbad: "All I can say is... strongsad's adopted." Strongsad: "Thats not ture!"
by Ant December 23, 2003
An artistic, depressing fellow that's overweight and depressed because of his abusive brothers, wordStrong Bad and wordStrong Mad.
"I'm sad wordThe Cheat is flying."
by Unknown April 27, 2003
Strong Bad's little brother. Verry annoying although extremely funny when on caffiene
I feel great! I feel great!
by freida December 11, 2003
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