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The depressed rinocerous who one had his hands glued to his face. Likes listening to music, playing board games with other board games and talking to trees and walls. Friends with Homsar. Recently decided to not like food anymore.
by Jeoffroy September 26, 2003
42 30
A fat, underappreciated, elephant-footed, gray guy who talks to trees, board games, and walls. He is good at drawing and writing, but socialy dead. His brothers are Strong Mad and Strong Bad.
"I don't like food anymore"
by Ratboy November 10, 2003
18 7
The greatest character on homestarrunner.com, because he likes thursday and The Cure. and That's pretty cool, you know?
see also:emo
"I really like your coustume, Strong Sad, but um.. you weren't invited this year."-M4RRZIPPANNN(Marzipan)
by salalee the girl October 19, 2003
16 7
A brother to Strong Bad and Strong Mad, and a character who goes along with the famous Homestar Runner. Has elephant feet, a spheric body, and is gray. Also has very good penmanship.
"... on FM radio! Don't you ever make me do that again!" -Strong Sad
by Veronica January 05, 2005
8 1
Fat and hated by his brothers Strong Bad and Strong Mad, this depressing loser doesn't get out much, and when he does, it's to go to Clash of the Titans Conventions.
"I like board games more than most people. And by that I mean that I like board games more than most people do, but by that I also mean that I like board games more than I like most people. Like this one time, I was playing the Game of Life against Hi-Ho Cheerio..."
by Anthony December 08, 2004
12 6
a depressing lump. A big, grey, elephant footed depressing lump...But look how cute he is!! awwww!!
Each Day We Die A little More
by the spoony one September 01, 2003
8 2
Brother of Strong Bad and Strong Mad. Is constantly depressed and abused. Has one too many boring and depressing story. See Also "The Wiggity Wiener"
Homestar:"Yeah that's great,Strong Sad"
by Homestar_fan June 23, 2003
7 1