A crazy little man with a mexican wrestling mask, boxing gloves for hands and no shirt. Gets enjoyment from kicking his little yellow dog, The Cheat, and beating up his brother Strong Sad and Homestar Runner. Favortie words: "Holy Crap!"
(Sees really hot girl)
Strong Bad: "Holy Crap!"
by Grant March 11, 2004
A most awesomest and hot guy around.
Strongbad answered one of my e-mails.
by The Cheat October 19, 2003
The most awsome Friackin Person In the world;The owner of Strong Badia
Put that freakin sandwich down
by Joe Millionare September 04, 2003
A guy that Fhqwhgads tries to play like he nos,
Also, someone that Fhqwhgads tries to jock.
by Onetuplet June 04, 2003
One who wears Boxing gloves and Mask, and likes to look at things in a bag
Dear Strong Bad,
How do you type with boxing gloves on
by Greg Horbal May 08, 2003
a mexican wrestler who likes 2 sing and think he's awesome...he also likes baking and saying "holy crap"
...o holy craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! this guy he said he was stupiiiid and i belieeeeeved him...
by laurstanz August 08, 2003
Strongbad is the most awesomest guy you will ever meet. His hobbies are bagging on people, beating up his brother Strongsad, or hanging out with his little friend the cheat. He is also the principal of CrazyGoNuts University and the ruler of strongbadia. To learn more visit www.homestarrunner.com
by B.G. May 22, 2003

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