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A ridiculously attractive person. Usually smarter than everyone around them and always feels superior to everyone. Super strong. Exotic name entrances everyone around them so they can always get what they want. Usually a smartass and always manly.
Dude, check out Stratton. I wish I was a Stratton!
by CMLVR July 11, 2010
A scientific scale that assigns a single number to quantify the amount of intense noise emitted by an epic wave of sound. Level one Stratton can be heard to anyone within a 100 mile radius and an additional 100 miles for each building level. (Can be compared to the magnitude of the Richter scale for earthquakes.)
Did you hear the fireworks last night? I was so loud! Totally Stratton level three!
by That's What She Said Mistress November 10, 2009
Somebody with a ridiculously large head. Abnormal.
A meat head Stratton
by Hazzzaaaaaaa September 11, 2010
a ugly dirty skank
i met this gril once and her name was Leanne stratton
by neJ23 February 28, 2010

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