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someone who desperately needs to identify with a group, to fit in.

often stands on a soapbox and preaches the benefits of being better than other people.

the average period one is straight edge for : about 1 yr. although they will praise themselves as "edge for life".

see LAME
i put these X's on my hand because im straight edge.. duh.
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
A movement started in the early 80's from the hardcore punk scene. Basically it means to be drug free.

One major note: you can't be edge if you have more than three bedrooms in your house.
1) "Dude, the school newspaper did an article about that straight edge kid. He's pretty cool."

"Yeah, but he's got more than three bedrooms in his house, so he's a FAKIE."

2) "Dude...that edge kid has four bedrooms in his house!"

by scene kidz R hotT May 24, 2008
some one that needs to chill out and smoke a blunt right now
bob marley: smoke 2 joints and everything will be alright
straight edge kid: bob your morals are horrible
by sxesucks August 30, 2005
Abbreviation: SxE
Staightedge people are usually scene/emo but not necessarily. Staightedge basically means that someone refrains from drugs/alcohol, smoking and illicit sex. Most straightedge kids refrain from all three, but it can be any combonation. Many sxe people are also vegatarians or vegans and some are religous.
HardxcoreKid: Hey I heard you were pretty hardcore. You wanna go get crunk ?
SceneKid.SxE: Nah, I'm straightedge.
by KirstenKatastrophe May 06, 2008
If one is "straight edge" it means they are a self-righteous Holier-than-thou nob-end who won't shut up about how cool it is to "be in control of your faculties".
No i don't want a pint cos I'm straight edge (acompanied by a ridiculus looking x gesture with the forearms)
by The Bag Boy April 14, 2005
you don't need to have sex, do drugs, or drink alchohal to have fun...

just X up
she was a straightedge so she wouldn't smoke the joint
by al February 14, 2005
similar to emo in that it was invented by Ian Mackaye but got out of hand and now totally sucks.

Also completley misunderstood, nearly from Day 1.

1)Edge kids blieve in "rules" of no smoking, drinking, drugs or casual sex, with variations of veganism pro-life, etc.

2) Some of these variations are ridiculous and fascist.

But edge wasn't supposed to be rules, it was just supposed to be what you thought was right, and what was good for your health (ahem, getting in fights with smokers may not be too healthy).
1) Edge: STAY TRUE!
Normal Kid: Are you always this uptight?

2) Guy in the mall: (lights up)
Hardline Kid: (beats the shit out of the smoker)
by Andrew August 18, 2004