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a simple creature that has evolved from the punk-rocker, they are just as violent as their closely related nazi skin head but unlike nazi skin heads they show no hate to groups of people such a jew, homosexuals etc... the skin head usually move in packs and are quit noticeable in one of their favorite activities moshing. Skin heads are also known for their displays of anger, one of these is "Curbing" this form of implement that is done by making some person (usually who pissed the skinhead off) bite down on the sidewalk curb then kicking them in the back of the head witch makes the person's teeth to shatter on the side walk, this is very painful but rarely done.
That stupid skin head said he would curb me if i didn't stop hitting him in the mosh pit.
by Dune December 01, 2003
Biggest Cheater
Wow red mines! zlittlewing.vl2
by Dune November 19, 2003
one who does not participates in drug use of any kind (including alcohol) and casual sex (sex with someone that you do not have feelings for) or excessive sex.
"sXe" on one hand or both
by Dune December 01, 2003
when a guy is licking out a girl's vagina during her period, he gets a "vampire kiss" - a very bloody mouth!
by Dune April 25, 2003

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