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Name of the first $100 Dollar song ever sold by some musician named Jovanos
Guy: "Did you hear that new Stop Drop and Roll song?"
Girl: "You mean the one that people were buying for $100?"
Guy "Yea that one, people are nuts!"
Girl:"He even made a website for it called 100DOLLARSONG.COM"
Guy: "Wow, no comment"
by Space Guy December 26, 2013
The act of consuming Ecstasy(MDMA) and acid(Lysergic acid diethylamide) at the same time.
Raver: Hey man are you going to stop drop and roll at EDC?
Raver 2: Helllll yeah!
by chuubz November 12, 2011
The act of having to take a quick bowel movement and moving on.
Hey Bill- that taco is kicking me- pull into that rest area so I can "stop drop and roll".
by habbie March 25, 2010
when you see police, it's the phrase you yell....
you only proceed to do it if you're drunk.
"It's the OUPD! Stop Drop and Roll!"
by rgribble October 09, 2008
The act of leaving a bad date. Stop what you're doing, drop the date, and roll out.
John: "Yea bro my date sucked, she wouldn't stop talking about her toenail collection."
Erik: "Sick dude, what did you do?"
John: "Stop Drop and Roll."
by ilikeoldpeople May 03, 2010
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