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Name of the first $100 Dollar song ever sold by some musician named Jovanos
Guy: "Did you hear that new Stop Drop and Roll song?"
Girl: "You mean the one that people were buying for $100?"
Guy "Yea that one, people are nuts!"
Girl:"He even made a website for it called 100DOLLARSONG.COM"
Guy: "Wow, no comment"
by Space Guy December 26, 2013
86 1
The act of consuming Ecstasy(MDMA) and acid(Lysergic acid diethylamide) at the same time.
Raver: Hey man are you going to stop drop and roll at EDC?
Raver 2: Helllll yeah!
by chuubz November 12, 2011
7 4
The act of having to take a quick bowel movement and moving on.
Hey Bill- that taco is kicking me- pull into that rest area so I can "stop drop and roll".
by habbie March 25, 2010
6 12
when you see police, it's the phrase you yell....
you only proceed to do it if you're drunk.
"It's the OUPD! Stop Drop and Roll!"
by rgribble October 09, 2008
4 18
The act of leaving a bad date. Stop what you're doing, drop the date, and roll out.
John: "Yea bro my date sucked, she wouldn't stop talking about her toenail collection."
Erik: "Sick dude, what did you do?"
John: "Stop Drop and Roll."
by ilikeoldpeople May 03, 2010
62 77