Noun or verb.
A stupid person or the act of engaging in stupidity.
"He watches Jerry Springer every day. He's such a stoop."
"Your shirt's on inside out! You really stooped it up this time."
by sonicliz September 10, 2005
when someone does or says something that is so stupid you don't even feel like saying the whole word.
"i think beyonce is ugly, don't you?"
by zeero August 06, 2007
Comes from the root word "Stupid".
A word used to describe someone who is in fact dumb or stupid
Andi thinks Open Season is funny. What a stoop.
by Boog'sBlueBear February 16, 2011
alternative way of saying "stupid"
comes from the first sylable "stup-"
"2 plus 2 isn't 6, stoops!"

"Pick up my pen ya stoop!"
by darrenzo February 14, 2003
when somebody says and or does something really stupid or unreasonable
Sheila said that France was a State.

Cory said shes (stoops)
by onyx_x5 December 19, 2013
something that is so pointless or stupid that it doesn't even hold the right to be called stupid.
Billy "I would really enjoy going out for some nice ballroom dancing or toast and bacon."

Dan "you're stoop."
by Doomwaffle December 06, 2010
someone who is exhilerated in the destruction of his so called friends. he lives for the xbox as it is the only religion he has every known. when asked about who he would pray to the xbox always wins followed closely by CoD and halo. his role models include masterchief, Jack west and numerous other fictional characters . is known to have borderline OCD and has never escaped puberty
eg player 1 no scoped ya . hey everyone did u see my kill. quick im gonna send it 2 u
player 2: ur such a stoop
by SmIwAt October 29, 2009

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