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verb - to hang out on ones front steps, porch, or stoop, usually in large quantities, and for long periods of time.
"yo me and chalky were stooping it up at j-dubs"
by jimbotron3 November 11, 2006
a bag of pot that a dealer keeps as his own and is not for sale.
"he sold three bags to peetey and then smoked him up out of his head sack."
by jimbotron3 November 10, 2006
to be shot and killed, as per snoop dogg's doggystyle album
Snoop:"...and a nigga can't fade me"

"Y'all know i can't be faded"
by jimbotron3 November 11, 2006
a grafditi term often used to mean a word written without interruption where all of the letters are connected, graffiti script
"yo doser's new one liner is off the heezie"
by jimbotron3 November 11, 2006
also stands for "I Remember I Eternal" and can be used as a positive response
Burgess:"I And I Want Go Down The Beach"
Jeeza:"I And I As Well, Irie!"
by jimbotron3 November 11, 2006

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