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(adjective) used to describe a person who isn't neccesarily starving but whose parents make them work so much around the house that they don't have time to eat and then they feel nutritionally challenged.
M'Kayla have you had dinner yet?" "No, unfortunately I am one of those starving slave children.
#starving #slave #child #food #m'kayla
by callmecrazycauseimoncrack December 13, 2010
(noun) used to describe someone who is acting out of stupidity. not neccesarily a stupid person but somone who does and says stupid things
Kara trips and falls on her face and M'Kayla and Sarena run by and say, "Ahahahahaahahaha Kara! You're such a stoop stoop!"
#idiot #stupid person #stupidity #smart #intelligent
by callmecrazycauseimoncrack November 23, 2010
(adjective) used to describe something that is basically frikin' awesome! anything that you feel is special and needs that special word to describe it. should not be used loosely because it is considered a great compliment
Oh ya that girl M'Kayla? she is sexy nice!
#m'kayla #undescribable #great #awesome #sexy #nice
by callmecrazycauseimoncrack November 17, 2010
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