Stoops adj.,

1. Something that is undesirable
2. Something that is considered to be moranic
3. Making the wrong desicion knowing there is a better choice to be made with a more desirable outcome.
"That's so stoops"

"Why are you being Stoops"
by The Dream...Marketing Director October 04, 2009
Stoop generally means cool, rad, hip, neat, sweet, or totally fucking awesome.
That concert we went to was totally stoop man!

That's a pretty stoop shirt you're wearing!
by Choopacabra April 02, 2011
The place where chillaxin usually occurs, prodominately an area known as the front fuckin porch.
As we walked up to the house we found two fellas chillaxin on the stoop and so we asked..."Who's house is this?" they responded "You rollin up to a party and you don't even know whos place it is?!...Well then come on in!"
by atron June 10, 2007
Something that is hella tight or super cool
"Dam dude, those shoes are stoops!"

"Fool, Thomas is hella Stoops!"
by Tizzy12345 March 26, 2010
that's wack, that's stupid''
combo of stupid and poops
man, that's stoops, your'e stoops
by hungry gurl March 21, 2009
The area in which people associate with each other.
The boys were kicked off of the stoop for annoying people.
by Tyler Patron May 31, 2003
To be a fairly average player at xbox games but continues to brag about one, slightly above average, thing that they achieved in the game.
Also to be physically in love with xbox and all xbox related products.
chuckles_greg: Good game Rayfield you only just beat me
Rayfield75: Yeah it was pretty close for the majority of us
Jordan: What are you talking about i got about a fifth of your score
chuckles_greg: Yeah i know i was trying to make you feel better
Jordan: It does not matter because did you see that awesome no scoped head shot i did earlier, it was sweet as
Rayfield75: Yeah it was alright
(5 mins later)
Jordan: And i just went BAM!!!!! and you went down, that was an awesome no scoped head shot
chuckles_greg: Shut up you are such a Stoop
by Gre Smi November 02, 2009

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