term used when you are relating your sexual experience with a hot woman the night before
Ex 1: say, would care to stoop tonight?

Ex. 2: man, I spent the entire night out with her and then went back to her place where I stooped her good and hard
by Juvencio Pike February 02, 2005
Possibly the gayest word you could call someone, right up there with Dudette.
My cousin: You're such a stoop!

Me: You're such a queer.
by captainpirate May 13, 2004
1.a stupid person.
2.a person who excessively eats hair.
nick is such a stoop omg

ewww..hes a stoop!!!
by meg October 09, 2004
when yer confused, or dont have anythign else to say. also see poots
you might end something you say with "err...stoop" or if you dont kno what someones tlaking about "sure! stoop?"
by sarai April 04, 2004
As Dr. Abrahm Zawinsky so eloquently puts it -
Indeed yes it is this way also. I have being with it a slight stoop caused you might say by the inappropriate behaviour and difficulty of the language. Yes? It is this way also with my legs which are not the same as my mothers, also a standard lamp with frilled cover. Yes? I would like very much to get it off but the others must come first, rounds are rounds! It is unlikely that I will feel Norman this week. His mother and another animal also. My hands are washed of this now. Good luck and splendid sailing!
by Dr Bertram Furtwangler, mdma. hons. September 27, 2003
The act of completely kicking someone's ass.
Man, he is stoopsing the crap out of that guy!
by Ryan November 12, 2003
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