The act of completely kicking someone's ass.
Man, he is stoopsing the crap out of that guy!
by Ryan November 12, 2003
Informal slang for stupid
Max: Hey Zach, your'e kinda stoops.
Zach: Well your'e retarded.
by Apermax July 08, 2016
Verb: meaning to "get down with that." or reach a lower level. Most commonly used with a positive connotation, like "I'll stoop to that."

Other Uses:

2. a dance move meaning to physically get low in the squat position.

3. a threat, like "Stoop to me, bitch"
Person 1: "Hey did you hear Lucy's having a party?"

Person 2: "Yeah that sounds lame let's not go and instead let's go paint balling."

Person 1: "ok I can stoop to that"
by 50ShadesOfPale May 21, 2015
Generally used to describe something of outrageous stupidity.
Ex. 1

"I could really use some meth."
"Did you really just... Fuckin' stoops."

"I rate this project a stoops minus!"
by Na-a February 22, 2011
Noun or verb.
A stupid person or the act of engaging in stupidity.
"He watches Jerry Springer every day. He's such a stoop."
"Your shirt's on inside out! You really stooped it up this time."
by sonicliz September 10, 2005
when someone does or says something that is so stupid you don't even feel like saying the whole word.
"i think beyonce is ugly, don't you?"
by zeero August 06, 2007
Comes from the root word "Stupid".
A word used to describe someone who is in fact dumb or stupid
Andi thinks Open Season is funny. What a stoop.
by Boog'sBlueBear February 16, 2011
alternative way of saying "stupid"
comes from the first sylable "stup-"
"2 plus 2 isn't 6, stoops!"

"Pick up my pen ya stoop!"
by darrenzo February 14, 2003
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