The sexiest kid on xbox live, he RUNZ IT
Dammit, Stoney just rooted my webserver.
by asdfasge January 30, 2010
Stone Island.

Stone Island is a very expensive designer make from italy which specialise in making coats/jackets.
There clothing is quality but very expensive, there are many fakes that have flooded the market and are of poor quality. Often worn by football hooligans/football fans!
Liverpool1: Look at that Wrexham fan wearing a stoney coat!
Liverpool2: Lets rob it!
by DaveCharlie October 25, 2004
Someone who smokes a lot of ganja, and forgets plenty of things.
"Where is the milk"? "In the fridge, stoney."
by shealyd July 21, 2008
To be "stoned" --as in what Katherine Tramel did the police in Basic Instank, showin off her "V"--by a co-worker going commando, preferably in a meeting or large office gathering, or a retreat.
OMG did you see that vedgie, man you just got stoney-ed.
by BTTL July 13, 2006
This dude Sam Abercrombie who looks like the lost 8th Dwarf of Snow White fame. He is constantly smiling, laughing, and smoking.
Me: "Hey Stoney, wanna drive me to Waffle House?"

Stoney: "Hahahahahahahaha"

Me: "Nah, really dude, wanna go get some waffles?"

Stoney: "Yeah dude, wanna get high first?"
by Roger Watts April 03, 2005
Stoney is an elite hacker i know.
He owns yall niggas who talk shit about him heh

Stoney owns the irc and i think you know why :D
by phr33k April 13, 2005
A stella drinking sheep shagga
He had a Stoney night
by Rach December 20, 2003
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