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A blonde girl also known as a sarah or a sazzle. The term 'shagga' describes the mental condition that this girl is plagued with. This mental condition has spread all over her brain so quickly that she now believes she is in fact a 'princess' , the condition is a strand of the 'blonde gene' which can also lead to dumbness and randomness.

Sarah/sazzle/shagga/what the fuck is that? Cusition
by Jeebon August 22, 2007
A funny substitute to the word shit.
Dude! You should have seen the HUGE shagga I just took!
by Rissa December 11, 2004
Shaking Old Hag
Shagga didn't show for work today cause she fell of the barstool again.
by RickyP October 01, 2003

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