A british term meaning for a person to have sex with another.
Les Miserables "Even stokers need a little stoke"
by charliepants October 28, 2006
A term which can be used as a adjective or noun

As an adjective it is similar to such terms as "deez, cool, etc" but is most often used to designate somebody of elevated importance, strength or attractiveness.

As a noun it is a person who displays qualities of strength, power, increditability or coolness.
noun. "Dude, that kid is a deez stoke

adj. "Dude, that guy from the book is straight up stoke"
by Jimjab May 06, 2008
phrase used to describe a thing, situation, or person that is awkward.
Person 1: I started talking about my teacher and how annoying she was, and I turned around and she was right there.
Person 2: Stokes...
by Meredeth December 18, 2005
to use a long smallish pointy instrument of some kind to clean your pipe/cone peice of any gunk etc.
Man this pipe needs a stoke bad.
by crazyeddieman December 22, 2005
A smut whoz after girlz bf
god, keep your boyz away from her shes a stoke
by Californiagirl20394 March 02, 2005

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