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1. the exhiliration/happiness a person find in something
2. the confidence gained in skating or surfing
Man, I really lost my stoke, i can't even ollie anymore!
by baseddisciple February 14, 2014
To commit acts of vandalism and harassment during the hours when one should be sleeping.
"Are you ready to stoke this place up?" - Person A
"Yea man lets go tape a condom to that hotel door!" - Person B
by tipsMcGee March 31, 2013
A growing form of the verb smoke (as in smoke a cigarette). It is growing in popularity around America.
You wanna go stoke?
by DBreaux May 17, 2011
v. To lose consciousness during oral sex due to excessive alcohol consumption
On spring break my buddy got wasted and totally stokesed a girl


I was getting a blowie from this cute chick and she stokesed me bad
by condor123 March 22, 2009
Another name/word for Hooker. Often used by today's younger generation when suggesting someone is a 'Hooker'.
Hey look over there, that person is doing a 'Stokes'.
by georginarose September 13, 2010
Another term for gypsy; this word is commonly used in Derry (N.Ireland) as an insult.
They go about town tappin ye fer booze most of the time.
"err she is a while stoke that wee girl"
by sian223 July 10, 2008
A person or situation that could be described as awkward.
1. My ex-boyfriend tried to talk to me, and it was really stokes.
2. The tall skinny white kid is really stokes looking.
by Bitchin' Camaro March 14, 2006