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Short for stoichiometry, the calculation of the quantities of reactants and products in a chemical reaction.
I did really bad on the stoich test.
by My name January 22, 2005
Can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, adverb.
It comes from the word Stoichiometry.

pernounced: Stoick
'Dude what the stoich?!'
'Man stoich you!'
'That was stoichin' bad man'
by Cap'n Geech February 06, 2009
(Pronounced "stoysh")

A word, derived from "Stoichiometry", which refers to a Chemist. Generally used in a derogatory way.

Note: When you pronounce this word, it is recommended that you say it with as much hate as possible, even if you have nothing against chemists.
Chemistry student: "Shit, it smells like methyl butyrate!"
Normal student: "Is that bad?"
Chemistry student: "Are apples bad?" (starts laughing like you're a dumbass)
Normal student: "Shut up, fucking stoich!"
by ajose November 27, 2007
a bitchy, uptight girl
that babe is too stoich
by mp December 26, 2003
a stoich is a magical creature that likes to be pet behind it's 4meter stick that is attached (magically!) to its back.
it's also a stork.
oh my gosh their a stoich in my boot!!!
by conrizzle von jeffinstein January 30, 2005