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In chemistry: The study of, and all things pertaining to, Satan himself.

..Also known as the ridiculous, unfathomably stupid topic in chemistry. The curious thing is that stoichiometry, being a science, actually involves no science at all, only math.
Class, today we will be learning about stoichiometry. In order to prepare I must mentally sacrifice all of you to Satan.
by Alex DeMarz December 17, 2009
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The reason that we ALL fail Chemistry......

A word usually fallowed by the phrase "you'll get it, your smart"
What the hell is stoichiometry
by DARKSHOCK June 02, 2010
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"Class, Stoiciometry involves insert a lot of pointless crap here."

"And we care.... Why?"
by Zannie May 13, 2004
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sexual action/sexual adventure, involving one partaker to dress up in a goblin costume while being suspended in mid-air by cables, and the other to dress up in a garden gnome costume and hide in the closet. Some variations involve warm apple pie or sleepy cake. Also peanut butter is mandatory with the exception of Jiffy's. Jam is optional depending on how freaky you are. Related topics: Upside-Down Reverse Cowgirl Wheelbarrow Swingset Toboggan.
Stoichiometry makes me feel like a real scientist in a real lab.
by Dean of M.I.T. April 21, 2007
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