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A tube sock that is used by adolescent males to ejaculate into when masturbating to contain the mess and hide it from their moms
My mom knew I was jerking off when she found my stiff stocking stuffer in the clothes hamper
by wildcard007 December 20, 2009
a well endowed man who always pleases women,and he never fails to give a woman an orgasm..
god dayum stockingstuffer really stuffed my stocking
by stockingstuffer October 14, 2009
A guy who stuffs socks in his pants to give the illusion of large genitals.
Wilma: "Wow! Look at the package on that guy."

Wanda: "Don't bother with him. He's a stocking stuffer with a little prick."
by Bosco-dude December 20, 2009
Do a girl in the poop chute and, at any point, stuff your nuts in there too
The best time to do the stocking stuff is during ejaculation
by Pimpin Is My Lifestyle March 30, 2005
a transvestite, transexual, cross dresser
I was in such a k-hole last night I had no iea that chick i went home with was actually a stocking stuffer.
by jerk jiggler February 19, 2005
Someone who wears an X-mas stocking,panty hose, or sock on their dick during sex.
With an old jerk sock around his knob, Tony declared himself a stocking stuffer and proceeded to make love to his wife.
by [VBM] December 06, 2006
a stocking stuffer is a sock filled with human feces used as a dildo.
I wanted a stocking stuffer for x-mas so I told grandma to bring over a basket of bran muffins.
by ergyu April 30, 2008
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