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The urge to have sex with decorated midgets around christmas time.
When Jack awoke to find a midget in his bed,apparently asphixiated from X-Mas tree lights, he realized that he suffered from Elfinophilia.
by [VBM] December 06, 2006
That thick gooey slime between a fat girl's thighs after she sweats.
Ellen was so drunk, she went down sloppily on that fat ho Gerta and caught a face full of hognogg.
by [VBM] December 06, 2006
Someone who wears an X-mas stocking,panty hose, or sock on their dick during sex.
With an old jerk sock around his knob, Tony declared himself a stocking stuffer and proceeded to make love to his wife.
by [VBM] December 06, 2006
That tiny nodule of sperm left dangling from your dick after ejaculation.
After sex,Anthony whipped his penis around and flung the jewel off and on to her wall.
by [VBM] December 06, 2006

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