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The act of performing hardcore medical surgeries by extreme surgeons. Such scenarios may include a surgeon wearing roller blades while removing a tumor. Or just using an ice skate to make an incision.
"Dude, I've never seen such extreme surgery performed! Dude performed a back flip while lasering my eye! He was SO Medicore!"
by ergyu January 15, 2009
A velociraptor-pterodactyl hybrid. Animal has the ability to run extremely fast, strike fiercely, and take flight. It's shriek can be heard for a circumference up to sixty square miles. Extremely intelligent and dangerous. Approach with caution.
"While traveling across Eastern Oregon my car broke down. I was lucky to have found a very rare velocidactyl to hitch a ride on to Portland."
by ergyu February 13, 2009
When a male attempts to have sex with the belly button of a female luva. Or, a bloody stomach.
"Dude, I totally took Suzie home and tried to give her a porcupine raspberry but I could only get it in a half inch!"
by ergyu May 15, 2008
An off white, milky discharge often associated with various STDs that oozes from the vagina.
"last night sally dripped her pussy junk all over my upper lip and I had a reaction!"
by ergyu May 17, 2008
a stocking stuffer is a sock filled with human feces used as a dildo.
I wanted a stocking stuffer for x-mas so I told grandma to bring over a basket of bran muffins.
by ergyu April 30, 2008

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