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Weird-as 20th century composer who thought he came from Sirius. Wrote music for helicopters, large papier-mache birds, female flautists wearing black catsuits and operas that last for years and years and years. Beloved of modern musicians such as the Beatles as a pioneer in electronic music and thus appears on the cover of Sergeant Pepper. Also beloved of some try-hard posers who mistake insanity for intellect.
A: Hey, some crazy big bird just ripped a music box out of its guts and gave it to me. Ick!
B: Oh, man, you were totally Stockhausened!

A: Do you think we go back to the stars when we die?
B: Who do you think you are, Stockhausen?

A: What do you wanna do today?
B: Let's go Stockhausening!
A: Good idea!
(They pull on catsuits, play with helicopters and sing national anthems over the top of each other)
by Typys August 21, 2011
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