The best fucking sex you will EVER HAVE.
Susan: "So was he any good?"

Mary: "OMG he was SO Steven!"
by fjdskljgk March 19, 2010
The funniest person you'll ever meet, very thoughtful, and cute.
Person 1: I made a new friend!

Person 2: Yeah?

Person 1: Yeah, he's my Steven. Best friend ever made!!
by taadpole January 24, 2010
(n.) a carnivorous mammal that prefers his food deep-fried with a tall glass of sweet iced tea or a super strong margarita. Offer great advice and support, but only when he feels like it. And often saves the world, but again -- only when he feels like it.

Academically gifted and worldly. Garners the attention and hatred of others by being an over-achiever. Lovably promiscuous. Travels to foreign lands on a whim. Kicks ass when necessary and administers justice to narrow-minded juveniles with a bitch-slap.

Stevens often appreciate good food, good liquor, witty conversation, club music, and hot, sweaty bodies.

Great for a friend. Terrible for an enemy. Approach Stevens with caution (or you gonna get bitch-slapped).
"Hey, what happened to your friend?"
"Oh. He when to Austria to teach people about American materialism, or something like that. He left a few days ago."
" about being a Steven."
by Personal AzN February 11, 2010
A Steven is hands-down the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. He has an unattainable level of class and is extremely chivalrous and gentlemanly - for example, not sitting down at the dinner table until his woman has already been seated or always letting her walk up the stairs first.
Stevens tend to have totally hot bodies, particularly their arms and abs. When a Steven hugs you, it is strong and warm and you feel very safe and never want to let go. His kisses are to die for.
They are total geeks and know everything about everything and they love to show it off- their egos are sky high but it's something a girl can look past because his intelligence is so hot. They pull off glasses very well, specifically Ray Bans.
They always smell like a god and use the greatest colognes, like cologne from say, Zara or something. They have a great sense of style and always look sexy and clean-cut.
He will never acknowledge a single flaw in you, and any flaws you see in yourself a Steven can turn into something positive. They love to make you feel good about yourself and they always succeed.
Stevens have the cutest smiles and the best laughs and the sexiest voices. If you are given the opportunity to get yourself a Steven, don't be dumb and put it off for six months until your whole friendship is threatened, take advantage of it immediately and dive in with your whole heart and he, I can assure you, will do the same.
Girl 1: Your boyfriend's Italian right? Man he must get angry real easy, doesn't he like, hit you?
Girl 2: No way, he's such a Steven, he'd never act that way to a lady.
Girl 1: I'm so jealous, I gotta go find me some Steven.
by Sugar Kane (; July 11, 2011
a very kind and loving guy, who will
do anything and everything to make you happy.
he has a beautiful smile, although he hides it beneath
his addictive lips.
you can talk to him about anything, any problem and he
will talk it out with you untill it is solved.
he'll hold your hand soo tight.
his bacon sandwiches are amazzingg..
he is spontanious, and suprising,loves his music and i love his dances !
my jaw locks everytime i'm with him, makes me laugh untill my stomach burns.
basically, an amazing human bean :]

i love you spikey, i hope this helps you realise how much.
xx squishy
a) steven, theres a lion in my sock !

b) nom nom NOM! said steven

c) i love you
by moonyjesy July 15, 2010
I man who is true in everyway. Loving, fun, appreciative, and genuine, laid back, but loves being suprized. Is a true gentle man. He is a great friend and would take his time to prove himself to any girl he fell for. He would love her unconditionally, even if she was clingy and insecure. Overall just a relaxed and real guy who is loyal and would never hurt his gf. He loves for life. He's a king and deserves to be treated like one everyday of his life. I love him.
Man, that guy is a steven!

I wish I had myself a steven.

Steven is a king.
by Babykittentiger January 17, 2011
Very sweet, loving, and emotional. Knows how to put a smile on your face and will always be there for you. Very stubborn at times but caring at other times. Looks for his friends best interest. Doesnt open up to many people, but cares about the ones he does open up to. Very popular and known well by the ladies. sometimes has trouble making decisions for himself and looks to others for help. easily taken advantage of. Kind-hearted and gental. Hold onto and steven that may walk into your life. once hes gone, hes not coming back.
Hes amazing, must be a steven.
by crazyyylovr3 July 05, 2011

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