The most perfect amazing boy you will ever meet. he never fails to amaze you. this boy does whatever it takes to make you happy. baby i love you and i will never stop loving you till the day i die and never forget that. your perfect the way you are. I LOVE YOU.
steven, marry me.
by love of your life March 15, 2009
An extremely cool guy that is hotter then any other person I know. He is hip n happenin and can woop anyones ass.
Man I wish my name was Steven. Then I would be friends with everyone.
by Henry the second February 13, 2007
1. (noun) a steven a person who is always looking out for best peoples interests and would never set out to hurt someone for their benefit.
2. (verb) to steven an act of kindness, that is far from common courtesy thats purpose is to intensionally make the receiver feel good about themselves.
3. (adverb) stevenly an action that it is done out of the blue, unexpectedly with total sincerity.
antonyms: artem, artemely, artemed
1. "He asked me to the dance when I had got my headgear. He was so steven-like!"
2. "He stevened and she blushed, feeling a lot better about the situation."
3. "he proposed to her stevenly and she was so happy."
by atomic.bomb. February 03, 2009
A very sweet loving guy. always smiling and being himself.
has his moments of being weird but is very cute. loves all kinds of food & likes to be in bed ;)
only one of a kind boy , a very special one .
full of surprises and always smells really good .
when your with him you just never wanna let him go .
when he is with you , you miss him even tho he is beside you but your missing him already cos you know soon he has to go . i love you very much steven <3
hehee , * swim dance *
i love myself a steven ;)
by ceee.wong January 30, 2010
The sexiest most irresistable man. He is one to be quite hilarious and doesn't even know it. Has the laugh of a God riding an elephant over a land of mini eggs. He also has a sexy girlfriend.

Playa: That guy has a sexy girlfriend!

G: He must be a Steven!
by iputthehoinhot April 06, 2010
A Steven, usually male, is one of the most lovely people you could ever meet. Handsome, and charming to boot, he is loved by many. He can make you laugh without even trying and always knows when something's wrong. He's attractive but doesn't always know it. He's the sweetest guy you could ever meet, so once you've got him, don't let go. (:
Girl 1: i met this guy today, he's funny and gorgeous
Girl 2: he must be a Steven
by LinZeHstAr July 15, 2010
An amazing guy. One who accepts everyone no matter what and will always be there for you. Extremly sweet. Definately means the world to one person. :) any idea on who?
Steven is such a cool person.
by randompersonnn September 30, 2009

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